Trap Flush

Effective Drain Cleaner & Drain Cleaning System
Eco-Friendly/No Harsh Chemicals, Easy-To Use

Trap Flush delivers the ability to flush debris from slow moving drains without harsh chemicals.

Trap Flush is designed to easily install at an existing or new location with relative ease and deliver a high velocity burst of water to flush sediment and debris, delivering a better flow of waste-water with no harsh chemicals.

How Trap Flush Works

Trap Flush can easily be installed at a variety of drain locations including bathroom sink, bathtub, kitchen sink, laundry tub and shower drain. The water supply valve can be installed at an easy to access location. For instance, for a bathtub drain installation the valve location can be installed under the closest vanity sink with a simple store-bought supply line.

Trap Flush has become one of the most Eco-friendly, non-chemical, easy to use drain clearing systems on the market. Our Patented design allows for an easy installation.


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