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About WMT

Wastewater Management Technology, Inc., headquartered in Roland’s Point, WA, has been developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art specialty chemical products and solution-oriented water treatment programs for over 30 years. WMT is a leading specialty chemical company whose Quality, Innovation, Custom Tailored Programs and Customer Service exceed the expectations of our customers.

In 1990, our founder, Carl C. Johnson, started WMT to fill a niche by providing world class Technical Expertise and Customer Service to middle market companies that were being underserved by billion-dollar water treatment companies. Founded with a commitment to Quality Through Service, WMT’s field sales engineers, customer service and technical team members take the time to understand customer needs and fulfill our promises.

After over 30 years, WMT now offers a wide spectrum of specialty chemical products to meet the requirements and processing needs of many industries. Our products and tailored programs are now distributed nationwide. Key to WMT’s continuing success is our responsiveness to customers’ individual needs.

Wastewater Management Technology, Inc. remains a privately owned family business. Today, the company is led by the 2nd generation owners, Jennifer Tataziani, Chief Executive Officer and Terrence Lowetz, Chief Engineering Officer. They are personally involved, along with their Executive Management Team, in the company’s day-to-day operations.

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WMT dedicates itself to promoting a work culture that fosters positivity and creativity in all its employees, and this gets reflected in all the work that we do.