A major cause of industrial water system failures is the deposition of unwanted materials on equipment surfaces. Deposits can cause system performance reduction and unexpected shutdowns, environmentally challenging cleaning operations, and associated costs.

Deposits consist of six general types:

  • Crystalline mineral scales
  • Suspended solids
  • Transient corrosion products like iron oxides
  • Microbiological deposits
  • Process contamination
  • Corrosion inhibitor related such as calcium phosphate and zinc phosphate

Wastewater Management Technology’s field engineers can recommend dispersant or antifoulant scale inhibitor (antiscalant) programs to help prevent the agglomeration of solids and their accumulation on critical surfaces. Materials that handle these potential deposits have been referred to in the industry as dispersants, deposit control agents, scale inhibitors or antiscalants. WMT’s full product line of antiscalant chemistries to control deposition and fouling includes polyphosphates, organic phosphates, polymers, polyelectrolytes, and surfactants.


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