Chemical Feed & Control Equipment

Chemical feed pumps and control equipment are critical for achieving optimal results with any chemical treatment program. Selecting the right size and type of equipment can mean the difference between success and failure. Monitoring system performance in an ongoing service package is critical to ensure that the best plans do not go to waste. Underfeed or overuse of chemical products is expensive and can also have adverse equipment, environmental, health and safety implications.

That’s where chemical feed and control systems come into play.

Wastewater Management Technology field engineers provide systems to support almost all water and wastewater treatment processes. WMT carries a full line of UNI, Exofeeder, and Ardchem pumps.

WMT’s chemical pump offering includes small, metering pumps for low-flow applications, large motor-driven pumps for high-flow applications and everything in between. Our expert field engineers will specify controllers to monitor performance and optimize chemical usage. Chemical feed and control systems can include sensor cable and probes for tank-mount or inline applications. These systems can provide proportional control of treatment applications to prevent chemical overfeed, or overuse of treatment products.

Chemical Feed & Control Equipment

WMT even offers an Equipment Assurance Program to provide routine pump maintenance, spare parts and replacement pumps at a fixed annual cost. Ensuring that your chemical program is operating at peak efficiency and reducing maintenance time.

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