Coagulant Chemicals

Flocculation and coagulation treatment chemicals are often used in effluent wastewater treatment processes for solids removal, water clarification, lime softening, sludge thickening, and solids dewatering.

Coagulation neutralizes the negative electrical charge on particles, destabilizing the forces keeping colloids apart. Water treatment coagulants are comprised of charged molecules that, when added to the water and mixed, accomplish this charge neutralization. Inorganic, organic, or a combination of both coagulant types are typically used to treat water for suspended solids removal.

When an inorganic coagulant is added to water containing a colloidal suspension, the cationic metal ion from the coagulant neutralizes the negatively charged electric double layer of the colloid. Organic coagulants function much the same, except the positive charge typically comes from an amine (NH4+) group attached to the molecule.


Wastewater Management Technology has the industry’s leading product line of organic, inorganic organic/inorganic blended coagulants. In addition, WMT offers both NSF-approved and GRAS-applicable coagulation products.

Wastewater Management Technology’s environmental acumen and experience in wastewater treatment stand at the competitive forefront in providing discharge compliance at the Lowest Cost Operating Scenario. Our guaranteed economical compliance solutions are unmatched in the industry today. Our unique variety of coagulation, emulsion breaking, precipitation, flocculation and demulsification products and processes are supported by WMT’s team approach which brings decades of experience to select the correct coagulant and application approach.

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Coagulant Product Components

Coagulants fall into one of three categories varieties: organic, inorganic and organic/inorganic blended products. Organic coagulants provide minimal sludge generation while inorganic coagulants can provide excellent sweep-floc precipitation in dirtier waters. In many applications, blended organic and inorganic chemicals are often more effective than either organic or inorganic chemicals alone. The correct blend can often combine the cost-effective sweep-floc mechanism of the inorganic coagulant with the sludge generation reduction characteristics of the organic coagulants.

WMT’s proprietary formulations are based on the following chemistries and are manufactured in our plant to the highest standards:

ORGANIC COAGULANTS- Organic coagulants are generally used to minimize sludge generation.




Selecting the right product, subcategory of products and application details can be the difference between success and failure of a coagulant program. WMT’s field engineers are part of an experienced team with knowledge based on thousands of applications. Put their knowledge to work for you.

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