Customized Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Experience has taught us no two industrial cooling water systems are alike. Each system is impacted by the raw water source, air quality, flow rates, metallurgy, temperature, humidity, operating procedures, and a host of other factors. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; the best water treatment programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your particular system.

Wastewater Management Technology provides best-in-class chemical treatment for industrial cooling water systems. Our treatment program starts with an assessment of the process, water chemistry, cooling requirements, and metallurgy in your industrial cooling system. This allows us to determine whether there is a tendency towards corrosion, scale, and/or fouling. Our chemical programs are effectively used to help reduce these issues in industrial cooling water systems.

Wastewater Management Technology field engineers are industrial cooling water treatment specialists, with extensive experience in a variety of applications. Applying our products can help keep your system running at peak efficiency, extend equipment life, reduce water usage, and protect the environment. We also offer state-of-the-art control and monitoring cooling water treatment equipment to help increase reliability and decrease costs.

Cooling Water Treatment

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Cooling Water Treatment Guidelines

Chemically treating your cooling tower system is an essential part of keeping your system efficient and fully operational. Treating your cooling tower water with the appropriate chemicals can help control scale, corrosion, algae and harmful bacteria like Legionella Pneumophila.

Open recirculating systems provide the most common form of industrial cooling, continually recycling and reusing the same water for equipment cooling needs. In these systems, water leaving the cooling tower is pumped to industrial applications using heat exchangers, condensers, air compressor jackets, or process reactors.

Wastewater Management Technology has a full line of cooling water treatment chemicals that you may need for your system:

Corrosion protection and inhibitors

Wastewater Management Technology offers a full product line of organic, inorganic, and, low-phosphorus, and non-phosphorus corrosion inhibition products and combinations for open evaporative, closed loop, and once-through cooling systems, engineered to passivate metals by reducing the corrosion potential associated with the corrosion cell’s anode and cathode.

Apart from standard chemistries such as organic and inorganic phosphate, molybdate, nitrite, tolyltriazole (TTA)/benzotriazole (BZT), and zinc phosphate cooling water treatment, WMT also provides halogen-stable chemistries.

Oxidizing biocide treatments

These compounds oxidize protein groups on and within the cell, interfering with cell respiration and metabolism. Chlorine is the most widely used oxidizing biocide and is applied in most cooling and process waters that operate below pH 8. Bromine-based biocides are more effective at higher pH levels, making them ideal for use in systems that operate above pH 8, up to pH 9. Oxidizing biocides include stabilized sulfamates, isocyanurates, slow-release hydantoins, and chloramine-based biocides.

Nonoxidizing biocide treatments

When oxidizers alone are insufficient to control microbial growth, or if halogen-based biocides cannot be used, nonoxidizing biocides can be added. System pH, temperature, biofilm presence, and contaminants like ammonia or sulfide should be considered when selecting the appropriate nonoxidizing biocides.

Combining oxidizing and nonoxidizing biocides

Combining oxidizing biocides with nonoxidizing biocides provides optimal microbial control to address biofouling in difficult-to-treat systems.

Wastewater Management Technology field engineers have the expertise to help you choose the right cooling tower treatment chemicals for your equipment and processes. We’ve developed effective products specifically designed to treat the various issues that impact cooling tower water. Our experts work with your team to create and implement a custom-tailored treatment plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Cooling Water Treatment Service

Scale and corrosion spell trouble for a commercial or industrial cooling system, reducing efficiency, raising costs, shortening the cooling system’s lifespan and contributing to increased maintenance. To keep your cooling system free of corrosion and scale, you’ll need to use the right cooling water treatment equipment, cooling water treatment chemicals, and routine cooling water treatment analysis.

Wastewater Management Technology’s cooling water treatment services include:

  • A Free Survey to determine your current system status and needs
  • Regularly scheduled onsite cooling tower water treatment testing
  • Customized Cooling water treatment during peak use and off-season
  • Electronic service reports & SPC data trending
  • Free Cooling Water Treatment Training

In addition to our high-quality cooling unit water treatment and cooling tower water treatment equipment, Wastewater Management Technology programs are supported by quality service delivered by our experienced, certified field technicians.

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Useful Downloads:

  • CDC Guidelines Developing a Water Management Program (Cooling tower water treatment for legionella)
  • Example cooling tower water treatment log sheet

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