Cooling Water Treatment / Corrosion Inhibition

Cooling water system corrosion can be present in many forms, including localized pitting, uniform metal loss, bi-metallic, galvanic, under-deposit, and microbiologically-induced corrosion which left untreated can reduce the useful life of heat exchangers, recirculating water piping, and process cooling equipment. Efficiency loss can occur as corrosion products precipitate on critical heat transfer devices and critical failures can result from localized pitting.

Corrosion inhibitors are designed to combat these forces by reducing the corrosion potential associated with the corrosion cell’s anode and cathode, minimizing metal loss and protect equipment life. Wastewater Management Technology’s comprehensive cooling water treatment includes organic, inorganic, low-phosphorus, and non-phosphorus corrosion inhibition products for open evaporative, closed loop, and once-through cooling systems. WMT’s corrosion inhibition packages include molybdates, nitrites, halogen-stable azole (HST) chemistry, fluorescent traced products and proprietary, high-performance alternatives for multi-metal corrosion inhibition.


Corrosion Inhibition

Cooling Water Treatment Service

Scale and corrosion spell trouble for a commercial or industrial cooling system, reducing efficiency, raising costs, shortening equipment lifespan and contributing to increased maintenance. To keep your system free of corrosion and scale, you’ll need to use the right cooling water treatment equipment, cooling water treatment chemicals, and routine cooling water treatment analysis.

Wastewater Management Technology’s cooling water treatment services include:

  • A Free Survey to determine your current system status and needs
  • Regularly scheduled onsite cooling tower water treatment testing
  • Customized Cooling water treatment during peak use and off-season
  • Electronic service reports & SPC data trending
  • Free Cooling Water Treatment Training

In addition to our high-quality cooling unit water treatment and cooling tower water treatment equipment, Wastewater Management Technology programs are supported by quality service delivered by our experienced, certified field technicians.

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Useful Downloads:

  • CDC Guidelines Developing a Water Management Program (Cooling tower water treatment for legionella)
  • Example cooling tower water treatment log sheet

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