Antifoams & Defoamers

Foam is a dispersion of gas bubbles, stabilized by surfactants, in a continuous liquid phase. Poor foam control can wreak havoc on pumps, decrease product yield processes, damage equipment, cause spillage and environmental pollution. Foam forms as air is entrained into liquids though mechanical agitation during processing. Many industrial processes that involve the mixing or transfer of liquids run the risk of unwanted foam generation.

Wastewater Treatment Technology’s full product line of foam control agents are designed to be effective in a wide range of applications controlling foam in boilers, cooling towers, and effluent systems to ensure smooth operating conditions.

The most common of these defoaming agents are surface tension reduction and bubble-wall destabilization products. Our antifoam products include silicone, oil-based, ester-based, water-based, and polymeric formulations.


Effective foam management requires thorough analysis of foam-producing causes to determine optimal antifoam product selection, feed method and dosage. Wastewater Treatment Technology’s field engineers will evaluate your facility and help determine the best antifoam solutions for you.

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Antifoam Guidelines

While people often use the terms “antifoam” and “defoamer” interchangeably, the terms should apply more to the application of the chemistry. When adding chemical to prevent or reduce future foaming, it is being utilized as an antifoam. When using chemistry to combat foam as it forms, it is referenced as a defoamer.


With over 30 years of experience in producing superior antifoams, Wastewater Treatment Technology’s full range of DEFOAMER™ products consistently deliver proven technology for our customers.

Wastewater Treatment Technology’s silicone-based antifoam agents make manufacturing more efficient, reduce waste and energy consumption and facilitate recycling. They are safe for people and equipment and comply with the strictest regulations in many industries.

Thanks to high effectiveness they can be used at very low use levels. They present greater defoaming action due to lower surface tension. They have better resistance to heat and chemicals and are chemically inert without any reaction with other substances.

DEFOAMER™ products are highly safe and environmentally compatible.

Wastewater Treatment Technology applications experts provide on-site technical services and are here to provide you with the best product, process and application guidance.


Oil Based Foam Control products use a variety of oils as carriers to create surface tension where silicones are not allowed. These silicone free products are highly effective in automotive, painting, paint booth and coatings applications. Oil-Based products are more compatible in these systems as they do not contribute to orange peel, fish eye or adhesion problems.


Water Based Foam Control products offer a lower cost alternative to silicone and oil-based products. Water Based products are used in applications where both oil and silicones are not allowed. These products have been highly effective in waste water effluent as well as the textile industry. Since these products are lower in solids, most times feed rates are higher than that of the silicone and oil-based products, but provide an alternative when oil and silicone are not an option.


Ester Based Foam Control products were developed for use in RO and membrane applications. Ester based products provide effect foam control without causing fouling in membrane systems.

Our field engineers and full-service analytical laboratory will ensure that you have the antifoam chemical best-suited to optimize your system.

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