Industries Served


Wastewater Management Technology continues to provide state-of-the-art wastewater treatment solutions for a broad range of clients in industries such as:

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Chemical Manufacturing

  • Food & Beverage

  • Metal Finishing

  • Oil & Gas

  • Packaging

  • Plastics

  • Recycling

  • Commercial Heating & Cooling

Proper management of water use is a essential in most manufacturing processes, and Wastewater Management Technology works with a variety of industrial clients to assist them in energy cost minimization, corrosion prevention, and waste mitigation.

WMT’s solutions bring expertise from around the world to your specific site application to achieve the Lowest Cost Operating Scenario.


    Plants that process food are always looking to increase their output, no matter what their financial situation may be. WMT has administered various in-depth treatment programs that have multiplied output for clients in the food industry, sometimes threefold.

    WMT’s carefully designed treatment programs will also effectively maintain the equipment used to process food by extending their operating life, controlling scale formation, and effectively reducing contamination which protects both the food being processed and the plant workers processing them.


    WMT’s engineers possess a breadth of knowledge regarding plastics manufacturing as it relates to maintaining equipment, managing heat levels, and safety. WMT has developed a variety of treatment programs for many clients within the plastics manufacturing industry to keep their machines functioning effectively and minimizing the costs of keeping them clean.

  • OIL & GAS

    1. Meet your goals for recycling.
    2. Design and integrate wastewater treatment programs to meet your requirements.
    3. Increasing overall efficient of effluent systems.
    4. Bring down operating costs by implementing efficient treatment solutions.
    5. Mitigate environmental waste and provide clean water for any number of purposes.

    When it comes to understanding what our clients require regarding their treatment needs, WMT has the solutions. Each approach is custom-tailored in order to suit your specific requirements. By adhering to this principle, WMT can help you reach your performance goals and help your water management program be the best it can be. Your success is our success.

    WMT’s has created products that efficiently clean systems at competitive costs. Our first steps at identifying the chemical makeup of untreated water involves bringing back test samples to our laboratory. After the analysis is complete, we then create a specially formulated process for the treatment of your water. We pride ourselves in bringing you consistent results each time, as we have done for so many other clients.

  • Metal Finishing

    Our clients that work in metal finishing are no stranger to the strict wastewater effluent requirements administered by government agencies. Not to mention that they must also remain within these restrictions while also maintaining their budget. At WMT, we take all of this into account when prescribing water treatment programs in order to bring them solutions that work; chemically, legally, and financially.

    WMT’s team possesses both the equipment and the know-how in order to develop a chemical solution to treat their water to eliminate:

    • Zinc
    • Nickel
    • Hexavalent/Trivalent Chrome
    • Copper
    • Tin
    • Fluoride
    • Lead
    • Cadmium
    • And other contaminants
    • ECoat

      Despite the fact that coating procedures are becoming progressively more environmentally friendly, the process is still heavily dependent on water use and therefore companies still must remain vigilant on how much water they use. WMT’s relationships with many clients in the industry has led to a number of innovations in the reduction of labor, costs, chemicals, and waste that have troubled this industrial sector.
      Our knowledge in wastewater treatment helps your plant comply with the strict waste limits for oil & grease, suspended solids, heavy metals. But what about heavy metals? Removing hazardous waste? Are there any other specific requirements a company must know about?

      Check out our Success Stories and contact us for a free survey to see how WMT can help.

    • Plating

      Working in tandem with the plating industry, WMT has created a large number of water treatment programs designed specifically for their standard operating configurations.

      WMT assists hundreds of different clients in conforming to the strict effluent limits for oil & grease, suspended solids, heavy metals, and other contaminants as administered by the USEPA and local municipalities.

      Removing hazardous waste? Are there any other specific requirements a company must know about?

      Check out our Success Stories and contact us for a free survey to see how WMT can help.