Boiler Water Pretreatment

Boiler feedwater consists of makeup water and in some systems condensed steam. Regardless of the water source, problems in water treatment will propagate through the entire steam cycle if not corrected. Maintaining and troubleshooting the equipment utilized to process raw water or condensate constitutes a critical step in the cycle.

There are a number of makeup pretreatment techniques for boilers including filters, dealkalizers, aerators to remove hydrogen sulfide, demineralizers and reverse osmosis which has become more commonplace in recent years. The most common form of pretreatment is water softening. Wastewater Treatment Technology field engineers can assist in recommending treatment programs to protect pretreatment equipment or enhance performance to reduce water, energy and maintenance costs.

Regardless of pretreatment equipment, boiler feedwater typically contains traces of oxygen that present a risk of corrosion to the feedwater and boiler metallurgy. Oxygen pitting attacks can result in rapid failures in feedwater lines, especially economizers, as well as boilers and condensate lines. Wastewater Treatment Technology offers efficient oxygen scavenger treatment chemicals that are essential to meet industrial standards while minimizes unplanned downtime, production losses and maintenance costs.

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Boiler Water Treatment Service

Both scale and corrosion spell trouble for a commercial or industrial boiler system, reducing efficiency, raising costs, shortening the boiler’s lifespan and contributing to increased maintenance. To keep your boiler system free of corrosion and scale, you’ll need to use the right boiler water treatment equipment, boiler water treatment chemicals, and routine boiler water treatment analysis.

Wastewater Treatment Technology’s boiler water treatment services include:

  • A Free Survey will determine your current system status and needs
  • Regularly scheduled onsite boiler water analysis
  • Customized Boiler water treatment during peak use and off-season
  • Electronic service reports & SPC data trending
  • Free Boiler Water Treatment Training

In addition to our high-quality boiler treatment chemicals and boiler water treatment equipment, Wastewater Treatment Technology programs are supported by quality service delivered by our experienced, certified field technicians.

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Useful Downloads:

  • ASME Guidelines for Water Quality in Modern Industrial Water Tube Boilers
  • Energy Loss Due to Scale Deposits
  • Example Boiler Water Treatment Log Sheet

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