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Desk Systems

Modular work stations, freestanding desks, build-in office storage, multiple configurations combining functionality and aesthetics, elegant and affordable, private and open-plan office environments, superior fit and finish, customizable, with built-in data/routing/power. Brands include Answer, Montage, Elective Elements, c:scape, Kick, Tour Workspace, Payback, Currency, Walden, Garland, Sync, Post & Beam, Impact, FlexFrame, Series 9000, and Context.

  • Desks-Desk Systems 01a-Answer Beam Workstation-17-0077808
  • Desks-Desk Systems 02a-Answer Beam with Boundary Screens-17-0077806
  • Desks-Desk Systems 03a-Elective Elements Private Office Setting-16-0015445
  • Desks-Desk Systems 04a-Steelcase WorkLife-15-0008181
  • Desks-Desk Systems 05a-Elective Elements-14-0004044
  • Desks-Desk Systems 06a-Dyadic Destination-14-0001447
  • Desks-Desk Systems 07a-Private Office Desk System Steelcase-13-0006068
  • Desks-Desk Systems 08a-FlexFrame-12-0001629
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