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Desks that are height-adjustable, modular, multi-user, with power routing + access. Surface materials include: glass, laminate, wood, leather, metal, plastic, steel veneer and fabric. Brands include but are not limited to Steelcase, Steelcase Health, and Turnstone. Uses include administrative, private office, in between spaces, open plan, reception, training, conference + meeting, and project + collaboration.

  • Desks-Desks 01a-Asset in Global Collection-14-0002887
  • Desks-Desks 02a-Norfolk II-11-0003151
  • Desks-Desks 03a-Elective Elements 6-10-0001218
  • Desks-Desks 04a-Elective Elements 6-10-0001215
  • Desks-Desks 05a-Elective Elements 6 Open Plan Panel Supported-10-0001203
  • Desks-Desks 06a-Steelcase-Elective Elements 6-10-0001174
  • Desks-Desks 07a-Think Coat Hanger-15-0006251
  • Desks-Desks 08a-Norfolk II-11-0003081
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