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Retail businesses need attractive and durable furnishings able to handle the wear and tear of high volumes of customers: guest seating, tables, stackable chairs, lounge seating, office chairs, desks, sofas, display tables and storage, media integration and acoustic systems, waste and recycling.

  • Business Furniture-Business Funishings 01a-Regard and GroupWork Cafe-15-0012426
  • Business Furniture-Business Funishings 02a-Shortcut Seating at Verb Tables-14-0003746
  • Business Furniture-Business Funishings 03a-16-0015914
  • Business Furniture-Business Funishings 04a-Move Perching Height Chair and Table-14-0003824
  • Office Furniture 01a-13-0004446
  • Office Furniture 02a-10-0002415
  • Office Furniture 03a-Office Chairs and Office Tables-17-0078654
  • Office Furniture 04a-Office Furniture-16-0045313-1
  • Retail Furnishings 01a-Rumble Seat with Free Standing Legs-13-0005841
  • Retail Furnishings 02a-Scoop Stool Cogent Connect-12-0009028
  • Retail Furnishings 03a-Bivi Trunk and Floating Side Storage-17-0078165
  • Retail Furnishings 04a-Bivi Trunk-17-0078168
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