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Lobby & Lounge Seating

We can provide you with a large number of options for your Lobby & Lounge Seating needs: Headrests, Height-adjustable, Modular, Ottoman, Power Routing and Access, Sled Base, Stool, Tablet Arm. A full range of modular furniture that is easily reconfigurable for your workspace and business settings. Through seating, we can create focal points where people can connect, collaborate and concentrate. Furniture can be good for your body and mind, which can positively impact satisfaction and productivity.

Business Furnishings offers a wide variety of lobby & lounge seating options from major manufacturers such as Steelcase, LaZBoy, SitOnIt and ofs.

  • Seating-Lobby & Lounge Seating 01a-Jenny-14-0000005
  • Lobby & Lounge Seating-LaZBoy 02-Kody_Env_Grey-2
  • Lobby & Lounge Seating-LaZBoy 01-Kody_Env_2  CORRECT TABLE PLACEMENT-2
  • Seating-Lobby & Lounge Seating 02a-Tava Lounge Chairs Loveseat Sofa-15-0013431
  • Seating-Lobby & Lounge Seating 03a-Neighbor Single Seat with Two and Three Seat Units-15-0013414
  • Seating-Lobby & Lounge Seating 04a-Mitra Seats, Bariatric and Combination Unit- 15-0013423
  • Seating-Lobby & Lounge Seating 05a-Leela Bariatric Chair-15-0013429
  • Seating-Lobby & Lounge Seating 06a-Brody WorkLounge-15-0011598
  • Seating-Lobby & Lounge Seating 07a-Jenny Seating-13-0006866
  • Seating-Lobby & Lounge Seating 08a-Jenny Lobby Seating-13-0006862
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