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Storage Towers

Storage towers are versatile, and offer needed space in a minimal footprint. They can be desk-mounted, freestanding, or integrated with a panel system. Open displays or closed cabinets, multiple drawers, box drawers, handle or ledge pulls, and finished back. Functional while being stylish. Horizontal, vertical or square, as well as height-adjustable models. Wardrobes in a variety of wood grains and veneer.

  • Storage-Towers 01a-Universal Towers-13-0006065
  • Storage-Towers 02a-Universal Storage on FrameOne Feet-13-0006074
  • Storage-Towers 03a-Universal SIde Access Tower with Contemporary Pull and Lock-16-0014358
  • Storage-Towers 04a-Proud Front Universal Dual Door Tower with Contemporary Pulls and FraemOne Foot Base-16-0014332
  • Storage-Towers 05a-Universal Storage with Flush Fronts-16-0014074
  • Storage-Towers 06a-TS Series Tower Too-12-0009140
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