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Scheduling Systems


Business Furnishings has already negotiated pricing from our vendors. We will take our queue from Crowe Horwath and Arkos on any other items in the bid response that need to be negotiated. All responses from Business Furnishings will be within 24 hours.

Order Processing

Our order processing is completed within one day of receiving a clean purchase order from Crowe Horwath.


Manufacturing time is based on fabric and material availability and can vary from four to twelve weeks. Fabric availability will have the most impact on manufacturing times.

Installation Drawings

Installation drawings are completed currently as a part of our specification process and the use of Configura and CET outlined in the pages above.


Shipping varies upon the manufacturer chosen by Arkos and their distance from our market. Maximum times are 7 working days for manufacturers on the west coast.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery and installation will require three days. Business Furnishings will return to review the space and address any issues that arise from occupying the space.

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