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Technology Products for Businesses & Offices

Technology has transformed the workplace. Laptops, tablets and mobile devices are an intergral part of business. Business Furnishings can offer you a variety of technology solutions than will tranform your office or company: interactive whiteboards, room scheduling managers, media:scape, eno, acoustic systems. Integrate any technology into your environment to increase collaboration, facilitate creativity, and improve productivity.

  • Business Technology Products 01a-Media Scape Choice-16-0074196
  • Business Technology Products 02a-Media Scape with HDVC-16-0074196
  • Business Technology Products 03a-RoomWizard-16-0074196
  • Business Technology Products 04a-Mediascape-13-0004060
  • Office Technology 05a-Media ScapeHDVC Polucom Camera-12-0002013
  • Office Technology 06a-PowerPincher-12-0001579
  • Office Technology 07a-Qt PRO Drywall Mount with Emitter-12-0000551
  • OFfice Technology 08a-Sonte Qt Individual Sound Masking System-12-0000547
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