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Worktools help organize the workplace. They allow for storing needed items while keeping them within reach. Worktools can convert wasted space into valuable storage areas, as well as improve the look of the space. Organizational boxes, shelve and file storage, monitor bridges, monitor arms, shelf and task lights, tablet holders, keyboard platforms, USB charging stations, laptop shelves, desk pads, utility hooks and flat top hangers, cable rings, telephone caddys, wastebaskets, footrests and more. Make your workspace more efficient while increasing comfort and accessibility.

  • Worktools 01a-Desk Light-15-0011136
  • Worktools 02a-Computer Monitor Arms-16-0014627
  • Worktools 03a-USB Charging Station-14-0006013
  • Worktools 04a-Personal Box, Tool Box, Utility Box-15-0011159
  • Worktools 05a-Phone Caddy on Slatwall-15-0011157
  • Worktools 06a-Sliding Keyboard Platform15-0011110
  • Worktools 07a-Pencil Drawer-15-0011142
  • Worktools 08a-Deskpad14-0000756
  • Worktools 09a-Slatshelf on Slatwall with Dividers-15-0011160
  • Worktools 10a-SOTO Monitor Bridge-15-0011146
  • Worktools 11a-Footrest-15-0011105
  • Worktools 12a-USB Power Strip Rail Mount-16-0014617
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