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Trusted Partners — Proven Results

Wastewater Management Technology is a leading specialty chemical company whose Quality, Innovation, Custom Tailored Programs and Customer Service exceed the expectations of our customers.

About Us

Headquartered in Roland’s Point, WA, WMT has been developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art specialty chemical products and solution-oriented water treatment programs for over 30 years.

Industries Served

Water use and management is a key factor in nearly every manufacturing process and WMT works with clients across a wide range of industries in order to manage use for corrosion prevention, energy costs minimization, equipment protection and environmental responsibility.

Our Applications

Wastewater Management Technology operates a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory that supports field testing, troubleshoots complex problems, and creates new solutions for the most challenging customer problems. Our unique wastewater treatment laboratory testing specializes in fast turnaround to solve time-sensitive compliance questions.

Our Executive Staff

WMT dedicates itself to promoting a work culture that fosters positivity and creativity in all its employees, and this gets reflected in all the work that we do.

Success Stories

  • Custom Formula Developed by WMT Provides Much Needed Solution

    Recently, Wastewater Management Technology assisted a publicly owned treatment work by implementing one of our specially made formulas into their treatment process. Prior to the application of this new formula, Wastewater Management Technology tested a sample and found that a portion of the phosphorous used in the cleaning process could not be removed conventionally. WMT then developed a new coagulant that would lower the phosphorus percentage to acceptable levels.

  • Electroplating Company Saves Over $150K Yearly

    Wastewater Management Technology was recently contacted to find a solution for an electroplating company whose wastewater haul-off costs totaled over $150,000 per year. WMT conducted an on-site test to better understand the chemical composition of the wastewater. After samples were sent to the WMT testing laboratory, our researchers then prescribed a special metal precipitant which led to cleaner wastewater and thus fully negated the need tor the client to haul the wastewater away, saving significant amounts of money each year.

  • New Coagulant Proves Effective Without Raising Costs

    A past client of Wastewater Management Technology approached us to design them a program in order to help save water usage by reusing water passing through the clarification system. In order to reuse this water, the effluent phosphorous is required to lie between the 3-5 ppm range. Since the previous treatment solution was not able to reliably provide the same levels, WMT’s team created a new proprietary coagulant to meet the client’s needs, all while keeping costs the same.

  • WMT Provides Client with Dramatic Increases in Throughput

    In a bold effort to increase a client’s throughput for their recycling systems, WMT used a special defoamer which rapidly decreased the amount of foam within the system. As a result, this client’s recycling systems have operated much more smoothly and reliably.